A few things…

Last class we were introduced to something that we wished we all knew before the exam…


1) To prove something, what am I requires to do?

2) What am I allowed to use?

Since Casey shared the “BIG QUESTIONS”  I thought it would be helpful to share some of my techniques to writing proofs. The best thing technique that I found useful before writing a proof is to list out what relates to the set we were given. I go as far as writing the simple definitions that we learned in the begining of the semester to help me understand the set better.  Also if I am ever stuck on the problem I realize the best thing is to step away and try it again with fresh eyes, because most of the time you see something that you had not seen before.

I also wanted to discuss some of chapter 4.2…

statement: p =>q

Contrapositive: ~q => ~p

Converse: q => p

Inverse: ~p => ~q

The orginial staement and the contrapostive are equivalent.

When p => q and q =>p , we write that as p <=> q. Where the symbol <=> is represents the phrase  if and only if.

I hope this was helpful!



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