To infinity and beyond

This week in class we talked about how there are multiple different types of infinity….mind blowing! Like most, I thought that there was only one type of infinity, that is a number that went on continuously, but now my world has been completely flipped up-side down. For instances the number line from [0,1] is uncountable– meaning that there is an infinite amount of numbers between that range. Another interesting fact that if the Reals are considered to be uncountable like the number line [0,1], but the natural number, also an infinite set, are considered to be countable. For example the number line [0,1] there are two number in the natural number line.When given two sets A and B one says they have the same cardinality by |A| =|B|, which also means that they are bijective. Any who infinity is pretty interesting and I can’t wait to learn about more infinities.


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